My bags are packed…

…I’m ready to go! It’s official at 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant, my baby to-do list is complete. Our cloth diapers arrived yesterday,I got them all washed,dried, stuffed and finally put away this morning.

Top drawer of our dresser/changing table combo. All 21 cloth diapers. Extra inserts, bibs, a few toiletry type items, and the 6 or so pieces of new born clothing we have. I am not expecting our child to fit in newborn clothes at all, and if he does, it will only he for a few days. All of his 3 month clothes are in the next drawer down.

Oh. I forgot. We have one small, tiny, minuscule thing left to do….pick a name! We are taking a list of top Nama to the hospital…and he will get a name on his birthday.

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