Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

I totally did not mean to let a week go by with out posting! I am still pregnant…here is a quick update:

Weeks pregnant: 38
Weight gained: 38lbs
Bp at appt: 102/72
Swelling: a tiiiiny bit in my feet, but nothing that prevents me from wearing my regular shoes.
Workouts: about 3 or 4 a week. The baby has dropped, making walking harder and less comfortable
Contractions: yes! Don’t know If they are Braxton Hicks or real…but they are low and feel like period cramps.
Dilated: 1 cm!!! Hoping this bodes well for me and I can avoid induction.

I made this mobile for the baby room yesterday. I am not super crafty, so I think it turned out pretty well. We only have two things left on our baby to- do list: put up wall decals and order cloth diapers! Oh, and pack the hospital bag. But I have all of my postpartum stuff and I have planned what is going in the hospital bag. I suppose since my midwife told me this weekend is a good weekend for me to have the baby ( she is on-call) I really should pack that bag!