The General

Anderson does socially smile, but I am usually too busy making silly faces and cooing at him to take a picture of it. So I only get his serious expressions. My husband calls him “the general.”


6 weeks with baby


I have been a horrible blogger! I never see my blog as first priority. If Anderson is awake, I want to interact with him. If he is asleep I want to: shower, eat, pick up the house, or sleep myself!

Anderson had his first well baby visit this week…he weighs 12lbs 11 oz. what a chunk! But I am glad he is growing so well!

The biggest changes are that we def know the difference between night and day! Anderson goes down between 8 and 10 each night and is up for the day between 7 and 8. He sleeps in 1.5 to 3.5 hour chunks, wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep. We start each night in his crib, but at this point I always bring him back to bed with me. He is just so sweet to sleep with.
I think about sleep patterns a lot and I try not to stress out about it, and go with his natural cues. He has moved (on his own) to a eat, play, sleep pattern. It’s only a pattern. I feed him on demand and try to read his cues for when he is ready for bed.

During weeks 4 and 5 we visited family in Idaho and Nevada. Anderson was a trooper, and did pretty well on our road trips. We learned that babies need a lot if stuff to travel (example, we brought the bouncer because it is necessary to have a safe place to put the baby down, but man does it take up a lot of room!) and that Anderson dies best if we leave first thing in the morning. Leaving in the afternoon results in a cranky and sad last few hours.

Speaking of being cranky, Anderson def had/ is having a 6 week fussy phase. He has a ” witching hour” hours really in the evening. I don’t think it’s colic, because he can be consoled, but sometimes he will fuss or outright cry if you aren’t holding him and soothing him to his liking. But as I write this, I realize this is already happening less and less.

I am so excited to have Anderson grow and develop, but as trying as the newborn phase is…I already find myself nostalgic for when it is gone.

Post-partum Body

On sunday I will be six weeks post-partum, and next week I will be cleared for exercise. At least, I assume I will be.

In the past five weeks and 3 days I have lost around 30 pounds. I have 16 more to lose to reach the weight I would like to be at by the end if the calendar year.
Thus far, I have not dieted or been watching what I eat. The first weeks at home with a newborn are tiring and nutrition was placed on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong, I Haver been eating total crap, but I have been eating what is convenient, easy to prep, and can be eaten with one hand if necessary.
And, not to be a total cop out, but my dad died ya know? I have been at my parents house for the last week, adhere is no shortage of treats and good food brought by well wishers.
But…my grace period is over on Sunday. I am planning on getting back into the swing if things with diet and exercise. I am hesitant to say, Anderson is starting to have a pattern to his day…which will make exercise and food prep easier.
I have been documenting my post partum body though. Interested to see how it changes when I cut the crap.

1 week post partim( and still very sore)

Two weeks:

Three weeks:

Four weeks:

Five weeks:


Letters to Dad: June 3rd

Dear Daddy,
Today Anderson is one month old, and you have been gone for a month. Somedays are easier than others.
The Reno Gazette Journal did a feature on you today. I read it online at 3 am while I was nursing, and I didn’t even cry, which is pretty strange for me. They interviewed Pete Sferazza…which I found interesting. Mom said it wasn’t that strange. I wonder what you would think if all this hoopla, news paper articles and online comments on your obituary. People come out of the woodwork…your college roommate left an online comment, with a story that i don’t think you ever told me, about drag racing some fraternity boys in palo alto. I liked it. Next week we will all be home for your memorial. Adam and I will be giving the eulogies. I need to start practicing mine, don’t worry…I can hear you telling me not to drop the end of my sentences.
Love, sissy