Wyoming: She’ll leave you high and dry.

Rock Springs, the town I live in in Wyoming, is located at 6338 feet.  Higher than a mile, and the highest elevation I have ever resided at (other than summer camp in the Sierra’s). The elevation here, is deceiving though. It’s a high plains desert, and doesn’t feel like places you associate with high elevation, like the mountains.

I live in that green section that you see, with that “mountain” view out my bedroom window. This is only half the town, but it gives you an idea of the topography. Brown. Good thing I was born and raised in the high mountain desert, or this might be quite the shock for me.

Last week I was in Reno for my baby shower, thrown by my mother, and a family friend came up to me and told me to make sure I was drinking enough water. I thought she was just giving me advice, because I am pregnant and people are compelled to give you advice and ask you how your are feeling every second of every day. But then she started talking about elevation changes. She is a Labor and Delivery nurse, and said she sees with some amount of frequency, people who come to Reno/Tahoe for a final vacation before the baby comes and end up in early labor due to the elevation and lack of hydration. I wasn’t too worried about myself, having previously been living at an elevation of 2,516ft and Reno is located at 4,505, and I was only there for a few days, but it did get me thinking about the jump to almost 6400 feet.

Hydration is crucial all the time, not just in pregnancy, and I’m sure the hospital here in Rock Springs sees plenty of dehydration cases in visitors and newcomers. But, it’s even more crucial in pregnancy, and at 30 weeks, I really don’t want to go into labor just yet.

I was talking to my best friend about elevation and exercise on the phone, the day after I arrived here in Wyoming. She is currently in Afghanistan and training for a half marathon in Scotland. She said, after the 3000 feet in Afghanistan, that her race in Scotland should be pretty easy. I mentioned the elevation here, and how that combined with my increased blood volume, and extra weight strapped around my stomach, working out felt hard and that these days even a 20-30 minute walk was enough exercise for me.

Four days later this showed up on my doorstep…


A Camelbak hydration pack! Inside the pack was a note from my friend about staying hydrated etc. A perfect “welcome to wyoming” gift. I am sort of a gear-nerd, so I was excited to see the padded straps, sternum strap, and all the pockets in which I could carry my keys and phone etc. I have been holding a 24 ounce water bottle in my hand during my walks, and this is going to make it so much easier, have you ever tried holding a nalgene with thick winter gloves on? Not so easy.

I’m excited to get out for my walk with the dog this morning, in fact, that is what I am off too next. It is a balmy 18 degrees outside, but no wind! Gotta take advantage of the still air while I can.


Pregnancy: The Nursery

Everyone loves a nicely decorated nursery right? With the advent of Pinterest, it seems like people are going crazy pinning things they would like to have in their homes/lives, and I am no exception.

I am not the worlds greatest decorator, but I have a decent eye for color. I am NOT stellar at DIY/crafty things. Which is of course, what Pinterest is all about. Since discovering I was pregnant I started pinning things that I liked for a nusery. Of course this was before knowing the sex of our baby, or even….where we would be living when the baby was born!

Now we know two important pieces of information: the baby is a boy, and the nursery walls in our rental house are yellow.

I’m sorry, I hate yellow. I do. This particular yellow has grown on me, but I would never, not in a million years have painted the walls of the nursery yellow on my own. But, it’s a rental, and we have decided to live with the yellow walls, and I’ve come up with a theme/color  scheme I can live with.

Speaking of themes, I am NOT doing the nursery in a theme like woodland creatures, or turtles, or nautical adventures. I opted not to purchase a bedding set (since babies aren’t supposed to sleep with padded crib bumpers or comforters, I think sets are expensive and useless) and since most bedding sets dictate a theme, I was sort of on my own.

I decided on a color scheme of yellow, navy blue and turquoise. But honestly? That is about as far as I am.

Here are some pictures from my pinterest that show what I like:

so easy, even I can do it.

I like the idea of hanging paper bunting on the wall that the crib will be against. I do think I can make this.

Autumn Tree Mobile - Baby Crib Mobile - For Nursery Or Children's Room - Fall trees #mobile #baby #nursery #woodland #handmade #trees #etsy #littlenestbox

I love this Tree mobile. I am hoping to pull off making one, although slightly different than this one from Etsy. I plan to hang it over the changing table, or maybe just in the corner of the room, since the bunting will be on the wall above the crib.

this is EXACTLY what I want to do with an Expedit bookcase in our nursery. Only, I didn't have the idea of labelling the "drawers" genious.

This, I am for sure doing. Baby gear is so damn expensive and, in my opinion, the furniture is not always of the highest quality. This is an Expedit Bookcase from Ikea, turned on it’s side. I orginally got the idea from a friend who did this for her changing table/dresser. SO much cheaper, and going to be used to much longer than a changing table/dresser combo. I love the idea that you can tip it up and turn it into a bookcas as the baby grows into childhood. My plans for the cubbies include one each for: onesies, pajamas, socks/bibs/hats/pacifiers, cloth diapers, burp cloths and swaddlers. I am sure that might change, but I like the idea of leaving a cubbie or two open for infant toys and books.

I have a few pieces of art to hang as well. I don’t plan on moving a glider/recliner/rocker into the room, as our house is small, and I like our current recliner to live in our living room for additional seating. I don’t see the problem with walking 15 feet from the nursery to the living room for night feedings. The room does have a closet where I plan to hang more “outfit” type clothes, and store blankets, toys, and things of that nature. We are inheriting a baby swing and bouncy seat. I think I will plan on putting the swing in the kitchen/living area, and since the bouncer folds up, it will probably live in the nursery when not in use. Well once can hope, I am sure for the first couple of months, there will be baby things anywhere and everywhere that it is convenient at that moment.

I am planning on going to the store today to get the material for the bunting, stay tuned for an update on that project, and others as the nursery comes together.

Pregnancy: 30 week update

apologies for the bad cell phone/bathroom shot


Grrrrrrr.  This post had 300 hundred words in it, I hit publish, and it’s gone.  Dear wordpress, today you are annoying!

The gist was:

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Holy shit.

I have gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, right on track.

My feet and hands have no swelling and are the same size.

My bra size has increased from a 38ddd to a 40g. Awesome. finding nursing bras is going to be out of this world.

I have upped my exercise since arriving in Wyoming, by walking the dog each day. 30 minute walks are about my limit.

Doing kick counts sucks and makes me paranoid.

Again….I swear this post had more meat to it…..

with only 10 weeks left in pregnancy, the pregnancy posts on this blog are going to start becoming more regular and most of my content. I think.  I’ll probably talk about Wyoming too….this week we had 50 mph winds!


Whew! The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind! I have now arrived in Wyoming and am once again living with my husband! My last post, was posted on February 12th…so here is a quick list of everything that has happened since then:

Last day at work-February 14th

Last day in Idaho-February 16th

Miles driven from Idaho to Reno-409

Days spent in Reno- 3.5

Miles driven from Reno to Rock Springs Wyoming-704

One baby shower attended (in my honor, Thanks Mom!)

Days in Wyoming-4.5

Walks taken with my dog-3

So…i’ve been busy. Driving, and partying, and unpacking, and re-0rganizing the kitchen in our new house.

I am hoping, now that I am not working (ack, which is a whole post in and of itself) to update more regularly.  Lots of excitement coming up, new doctors offices, putting together the nursery, figuring out Wyoming…. stay tuned!

Pregnancy: heavy lifting

As I’ve talked about before, when I got pregnant I was doing the following as my exercise routine: walk dog 5-7 days a week, kettlebell training 2 days per week, yoga practice 2 days per week.

Post pregnancy the workout schedule has changed quite a bit, between my dog moving WITH my husband to Wyoming, and standard Yoga becoming uncomfortable and hard almost immediately.

Now, I exercise 3-4 times per week (less this past week though, as I’ve had a nasty cold that lingered FOREVER. But, I have always, always made kettlebell my priority. The class I take is taught bootcamp style, so it’s really a total body workout, cardio and strength all rolled into one.

I'm the one in the pink...obviously

People in my life, always seem surprised that I have continued with Kettlebell. I think it’s because every SINGLE piece of conventional literature says that women shouldn’t particpate in heavy lifting while pregnant. But, heavy lifting is all relative right? And don’t get me wrong, during my first trimester? My weights were lighter, and I never increased my weight or lifted the heavy heavy heavy stuff, even during my 2nd trimester.  So, I sometimes wonder, what does that conventional literature consider heavy? The heaviest weight I have used, while pregnant was a 24kg kettlebell to do deadlifts, which is only 52 pounds. When I think of heavy lifting, I think of 215 pound barbells.

But, I digress. My point is, I have continued with kettlebell and while I’ve made no great strides in the cut of my muscles (infact, my muscles all seem to be hiding under a new layer of fat, I am blaming this on the reintroduction to processed carbs during pregnancy), I still feel strong.  And that is important to me, because labor? Labor is the hardest workout of your life.

Pregnancy: Week 28 Update

So, this week, I am 28 weeks pregnant. Which is sort of unbelievable to me.

Today I had my last appointment with my OB here in Idaho, well that is, unless I fail my glucose intolerance test. Yipes!

I had to drink 50grams of glucose 30 mins before my appointment. 20 minutes before I drank the glucose I had a spinace salad with chicken, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and carrots.  I have no idea how this well affect my results, but I was directed to “eat as normal” so that is what I did. Directly after drinking the glucose I felt a little naseous, and I think if I had found myself leaning over the toilet, I could have willed myself to throw up. I kept it down though. We will see how it goes. The juice, was really really gross.

Other than the glucose, my appointment went well. My blood pressure was good, and my weight gain was right on track (3.5 pounds in the last 3 weeks).

I have not done traditional pregnancy updates, but I thought for this post, I would post a few statistics.

Number of Weeks Pregnant: 27 weeks and 6 days.

Number of pounds gained: Aproximately 26. If I continue to gain at a pound a week, I will have gained just under 40 pounds. Oh man. I will not worry, I will not obsess.

Number of total mental breakdowns that I think are related to pregnancy: just one.

Number of months I have lived apart from my husband: 4

Number of maternity pants I own: 8

Number of maternity pants that I like: 5

Number of workouts per week: 3 or 4

Ok, those are all of the numbers I can think of. It’s been a pretty good pregnancy so far, but starting tomorrow I am going to be in my third trimester! Ack! Is this when it is going to start getting hard?



Ack! I have been totally remiss in posting for almost two weeks!

Things have been busy/not busy at all over here.

Since I last updated the following has occured:

a) my friend and I attended a Brad Paisley concert. Verdict? AMAZING live! Really wish I could have had a beer at the concert though 🙂

b)my husband came to visit! Yay! His last visit before I arrive in Wyoming in exactly two weeks from today! Yes I am counting down the days…wouldn’t you be?

c) My fabulous, amazing, wonderful friends threw me a baby shower here in Idaho.

It was at a local restaurant, during their brunch buffet. Amazing food, amazing decorations, amazing friends!

d) we hired the person who will be taking my job over, and I started training him last wednesday.

e) I house sat for a friend, while she was at a beer festival.

and through all of that, I could have blogged, but there were days when I really couldnt figure out anything meaningful to write about. Just the way it goes sometimes.

I am now 27 (almost 28 weeks) pregnant. Tomorrow is my 28 week appointment (even though I won’t be 28 weeks until Wednesday), which means…GLUCOSE TEST. I am NOT stoked about the glucose test, for two main reasons. A) I am SURE I will have diabetes (I am sort of a situational hypochondriac, I don’t walk around thinking that I have every disease in the world and let it sideline me, but I do think the WORST in a situation, for example, every time I get a pap smear I am convinced it will come back with a  bad result) B) I am not excited about how my body will react to that much sugar in that short of a time span. I am still consuming sugar, I haven’t cut it out completely, but I don’t normally drink 50grams of glucose in 5 minutes. Blech.

So, we’ll see. It will also be another chance to see how my weight is faring. I’m hoping to have gained between 3-5 pounds in the last three weeks since my previous appointment.

Pregnancy week 28 update to come tomorrow!