Pregnancy: 36 Week Update

That is a whole lot of belly! I am technically only 35w6d pregnant, but I had a doc appointment today and really what difference does one day make?

So… since my last update two weeks ago I feel like I have become “heavily” pregnant. I swear everywhere I go people are staring at my belly. This could also be in my head.
So…for the numbers…
Weight gain: none in the last two weeks! Actually down one pound. But as I have gained PLENTY…no one seems worried about it.

Belly Size: measuring 37 weeks

Contractions: yes! At least I think so! I had my first internal check today and have no dilating and no effacment.

Workouts: have been a little light. Mostly just walks and yoga. I definitely feel large and awkward now.

The to do list:
Lots done!
Crib is in the nursery.
Changing pad is all ready.
Blankets are washed.
Curtains are hung.
Bouncer is put together.

Only 4 weeks(ish) to go!


Baby To-Do List

So, this morning I was reading Kath’s post on what she needs to get done before her baby comes.

And, I’m not going to lie, I had a minor freak out. I am 35 weeks pregnant, and that means full term in just two measley weeks. While I have NO idea at this point if the baby will come early, on-time, or late, I realized….two weeks is NOT far away. NOT FAR AWAY AT ALL!

So I got out my baby to do list…which I haven’t looked at in a few weeks- and realized that I could put a strike through a few things!

We painted the baby’s room last weekend:

And, I think we have everything we need for baby, aside from the cloth diapers. My in-laws came last weekend and brought a bunch of stuff with them, hand-me-downs from my nephew, as well as a few remaining shower gifts.

I got to thinking about it today, and the ONLY things that are absolutely 100 percent imperative that we do before we can bring the baby home are: pack a bag for the hospital, for me and baby, and install the car seat.

Thinking that way, really took a load off!

The things that I WANT to do before the baby comes home are:

  • move the crib into the nusery (it’s currently in the kitchen–long story)
  • hang the curtains we ordered
  • secure the changing pad to the changing table
  • order, recieve, and prep cloth diapers
  • order and put up vinyl decals on the babies wall.
  • hang the bunting from my shower on the wall
  • make the baby a mobile
  • put together the bouncer
  • put together the bassinet (this literally takes one minute, but I am missing a part, needs to be sent from Idaho).
  • make cloth wipes
  • wash all of the blankets we have recieved as gifts
  • purchase a nursing tank
  • nursing bra
  • postpartum care for me (pads, witch hazel, stool softeners etc).

Even though those are all doable, and some of them are on the list for this weekend, it makes me feel better knowing none of them are do or die. I have already washed all of the receiving blankets, the cloth diapers I have, baby clothes  through three months, towels, wash cloths, changing pad cover, and my moby wrap. We also already have the crib and changing table put together, the toy/bookshelf set up in the nursery, and the swing cleaned and put together.

Whew. Ok. I feel better. I feel more prepared. At least in the details. Prepared to give birth? That is a whole other can of worms. Prepared to parent? Terrified.



Bellies and cribs, and aaggghhh!

Well, I am allllmost 34 weeks pregnant! I plan on doing an update on my pregnancy with numbers and symptoms and stuff on Wednesday.

Our internet was down all weekend, which actually led to a pretty productive weekend!

We got the crib put together:

Hooray! It looks great, and the quality is SO GOOD. We got this crib  at I knew that I wanted this crib, every since reading John and Sherry’s post on crib hunting on Young House Love. I like the white one, but my husband detests white furniture. Luckily, I also like the espresso colored one! It was pretty easy to put together, well for me. I only helped, my husband did most of it, but there were no missing pieces, and nothing was scratched or dented. It’s AMAZING quality (minus the drawer) but I was prepared for that, as most of the reviews talk about the lack of quailty on the drawer.

I am so looking forward to FINALLY getting the nursery painted and getting the crib moved in there!

And, for viewing pleasure (maybe?) my 33 week belly shot, doctored by Instagram because I had no make up on. Ahh the beauty of editing!

How am I possibly going to get bigger?!?!

Nursery Update

In my last post, I shared some of my vision for our nursery. Well….it’s totally changed now. My husband has decided that he DOES want to do a theme, and he DOES want to paint. Which I am all for. But at 33 weeks pregnant, with only 4-9 weeks to go, we are cutting it a little close.

Here are some pictures of the nursery as it is now (the large pile of stuff in the middle of the room, has all been shoved there in preparation for the painting), please exucse the iPhone photos, my camera is dead, and the charger won’t be arriving from Idaho until next weekend!

This is the view looking in from the doorway. Nice big window, ugly yellow walls.

Ok, well I can’t seem to get the other nursery pictures to load…damn.

The new plan, is rocketship/space theme. This was based off of my love of these curtains by DwellStudio for Target.

Not my picture. But the exact same print.

I ordered curtains in this fabric. I am not getting bedding to match, as you can only purchase the set, and I’ve opted not to use bumpers and a comforter for the baby, so I would pretty much be paying for only the sheet. I had already purchased two sheets, a light blue and dark blue…and they were only 7 dollars at Ross. Score.

We ended up NOT getting the expedit bookcase from Ikea, but a 3 drawer Hemnes dresser instead. We will be using it as a changing table and dresser. We got the gray/brown.

For the paint we will be going with a light blue color from Sherwin Williams called Cloudless.

After we paint, and set up the curtains (hopefully this weekend) all we will need to do is put the crib together, and you know, EVERYTHING ELSE. Ok, not really….I’m being dramatic. I have already washed and sorted newborn and 3 month clothing, burp rags, wash cloths, towels, etc. The only thing I have to really do, is put the cover on the changing pad, secure the changing pad to the dresser, and order and wash cloth diapers. Everything else is just decorative details.

Speaking of decorative details, I think we are planning on ordering wall decals, probably from Etsy.

Progress pics, soon!

Pregnancy: The Nursery

Everyone loves a nicely decorated nursery right? With the advent of Pinterest, it seems like people are going crazy pinning things they would like to have in their homes/lives, and I am no exception.

I am not the worlds greatest decorator, but I have a decent eye for color. I am NOT stellar at DIY/crafty things. Which is of course, what Pinterest is all about. Since discovering I was pregnant I started pinning things that I liked for a nusery. Of course this was before knowing the sex of our baby, or even….where we would be living when the baby was born!

Now we know two important pieces of information: the baby is a boy, and the nursery walls in our rental house are yellow.

I’m sorry, I hate yellow. I do. This particular yellow has grown on me, but I would never, not in a million years have painted the walls of the nursery yellow on my own. But, it’s a rental, and we have decided to live with the yellow walls, and I’ve come up with a theme/color  scheme I can live with.

Speaking of themes, I am NOT doing the nursery in a theme like woodland creatures, or turtles, or nautical adventures. I opted not to purchase a bedding set (since babies aren’t supposed to sleep with padded crib bumpers or comforters, I think sets are expensive and useless) and since most bedding sets dictate a theme, I was sort of on my own.

I decided on a color scheme of yellow, navy blue and turquoise. But honestly? That is about as far as I am.

Here are some pictures from my pinterest that show what I like:

so easy, even I can do it.

I like the idea of hanging paper bunting on the wall that the crib will be against. I do think I can make this.

Autumn Tree Mobile - Baby Crib Mobile - For Nursery Or Children's Room - Fall trees #mobile #baby #nursery #woodland #handmade #trees #etsy #littlenestbox

I love this Tree mobile. I am hoping to pull off making one, although slightly different than this one from Etsy. I plan to hang it over the changing table, or maybe just in the corner of the room, since the bunting will be on the wall above the crib.

this is EXACTLY what I want to do with an Expedit bookcase in our nursery. Only, I didn't have the idea of labelling the "drawers" genious.

This, I am for sure doing. Baby gear is so damn expensive and, in my opinion, the furniture is not always of the highest quality. This is an Expedit Bookcase from Ikea, turned on it’s side. I orginally got the idea from a friend who did this for her changing table/dresser. SO much cheaper, and going to be used to much longer than a changing table/dresser combo. I love the idea that you can tip it up and turn it into a bookcas as the baby grows into childhood. My plans for the cubbies include one each for: onesies, pajamas, socks/bibs/hats/pacifiers, cloth diapers, burp cloths and swaddlers. I am sure that might change, but I like the idea of leaving a cubbie or two open for infant toys and books.

I have a few pieces of art to hang as well. I don’t plan on moving a glider/recliner/rocker into the room, as our house is small, and I like our current recliner to live in our living room for additional seating. I don’t see the problem with walking 15 feet from the nursery to the living room for night feedings. The room does have a closet where I plan to hang more “outfit” type clothes, and store blankets, toys, and things of that nature. We are inheriting a baby swing and bouncy seat. I think I will plan on putting the swing in the kitchen/living area, and since the bouncer folds up, it will probably live in the nursery when not in use. Well once can hope, I am sure for the first couple of months, there will be baby things anywhere and everywhere that it is convenient at that moment.

I am planning on going to the store today to get the material for the bunting, stay tuned for an update on that project, and others as the nursery comes together.