Pregnancy: Nursing Bras

So, I am 35 weeks pregnant. At about 30 weeks pregnant, I started thinking about what I was going to do about nusring bras. I am hoping to nurse, and realize that my normal bras as just not going to cut it.

I have one reallllly stretchy sleep/nursing bra that I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy, when my breasts were too sore to sleep unfettered. I plan on taking that to the hospital with me, and laboring in it, as well as recovery, depending on how long that takes.

Beyond that, I just have regular hook in the back, underwire bras. NOT ideal for nursing. I spent some time reading pregnancy boards, and searching online, and to be honest…I felt a little lost. So many opinions, so few options for women with not only larger breasts, but a larger band size.  Also, the biggest question, what will happen after delivery? Will I grow several cup sizes or not? I don’t think I have even grown one full cup size in this pregnancy, but to be honest….I don’t know because I haven’t been properly measured. I’ve been limping along with sort of fitting bras. My rib cage has definetly expanded, and my breasts are fuller, but when you start with a DDD, large jumps aren’t as noticeable.

My other issue when researching nursing bras in larger sizes, was the lack of consistency in sizing. While most stores that I shop for bras at (department stores, lane bryant) use the A,B,C,D,DD,DDD system, some of the places online that I would need to order nursing bras from just used A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. So….did that mean that I am currently (according to these standards) wearing an F? and what about the two Lane Bryant soft cup bras that I have that are G’s? What does that mean?

I then recalled a stroe called Bras Plus in my hometown of Reno. My parents still live in Reno, so I thought if Bras Plus carried larger size nursing bras, then I could have my mom buy one, in the size I think I need, and she could bring it with her when she comes to visit in two weeks. Saving me shipping costs. My mom went to Bras Plus, and gave the sales lady all of my info, and the woman pulled one bra for me.

Given my current sizing, the sales woman at the store selected a….wait for it and hold on to your hats, 40 I. Yes, I!  I was skeptical when my mom told me. I mean, that is bigger than my biggest bra, a Lane Bryant G. My mom put it in the mail so I could try it out, and I just got it yesterday. This is the bra, for those wondering. I tried it on, and the band fits great with room to get bigger or smaller depending on what happens next, but the cups are a little big (which made me feel vindicated) I think I’m going to ask my mom to go back and buy one size down, and then whe she comes out in two weeks, I’ll compare the two. Here is my conundrum….and something I won’t know until my milk comes in, but I like to be prepared….are my breasts going to get big enough that they will fill out the I? or… an H going to be sufficient???? And…when bras are 50 dollars a pop…I don’t really want to spend a bunch of time and money trying and returning.