Living on the cheap: homemade body scrub

Well…Pinterest strikes again. The other day I saw a recipe for homemade body scrub using coconut oil and brown sugar.
Well…that sounded like the easiest DIY ever, and I already had both of the ingredients. I wrote in my stretch mark post that I have been using coconut oil as moisturizer already, so I figured why not add this to my list of reasons to love coconut oil.

Instead of making a batch to keep in a jar in the bathroom, I decided to just make enough for one shower. I didn’t measure, just messed around with the amount of sugar in the coconut oil till I thought I had the right consistency.

I started with a dollop of oil…probably a little more than a tablespoon. Then just started adding brown sugar. I used a 3 ounce beer tasting glass…perfect size. Stirred it up with the spoon and…voila!

I used it in the shower this morning after making it, and man is it awesome! A little goes a long way and my skin is so soft and moisturized! I normally have to put lotion on after a shower…but not after using this, not even on particularly dry spots like my elbows!

I always want to buy body scrubs in the store, they smell so good and leave my skin so smooth, but I can never justify the expense or how little product I get. This is the perfect solution. Plus… It’s edible!