Nap Time Fitness: Abs and Yoga

So….Thursday was rolling around, and I was STILL super sore from my Tuesday workout. Those deadlifts did a number on my hamstrings, as I knew (and hoped) they would. Since Im still getting back into shape, I figured I would take a different tack for my Thursday work out. Ha, who am I kidding, I know it’s good to work those muscles again, but my hammies were just so damn sore.

I one again consulted my Pinterest page. Speaking of Pinterest, is it possible to edit the name of your boards? I tend to Pinterest on my phone, and my boards are full of typos that happened at 3am.

I decided to work my abs with this work out from Pumps n’ Iron.

I thought it would be no problem to do at as written.

20 seconds of each exercise, back to back, with 30 seconds of rest between. Ha, freaking, Ha.

I started with 20 seconds, and quickly backed down to 10. I suppose I should recall that I not only was pregnant for 41 weeks, but also had a c-section, which is major abdominal surgery. I forget that it’s a pretty big deal, because my recovery was so easy, and I had no side affects.

My upper abdominals are pretttrong. I went in to pregnancy with strong abs, and worked them the best I could, but pregnancy is pregnancy, my lower abs are shot. Surprisingly, I’m not sore in my abs this morning, my lats are sore. I plan to do this workout again, as planks are the best post pregnancy workout.

After my very, very tough plank workout, I did this Yoga sequence. It felt so, so good to stretch, especially my hammies. Prior to pregnancy I was doing Yoga 2x per week, and I would love to add it back in.

I’m proud of myself for meeting one of my month four goals this week! Hopefully I can keep it up.



Nap time fitness

So, in lieu of my month four fitness/health goals, I decided that Tuesday and Thursday would be my “strength” days during Anderson’s first nap.

That will give me time to workout and do a few household chores before he is up and we head out on our daily walk.

Today’s workout was modeled after the one I did last week.
20 push ups
25 kb swings, 5 kb dead lifts
20 kb swings, 10 dead lifts
15 kb swings, 15 dead lifts
10 kb swings, 20 dead lifts
5 kb swings, 25 dead lifts
20 push ups

It kicked my ass. After, I was putting Anderson in his Stroller and my legs were quivering.

Please note: I am aware babies aren’t supposed to sleep with things in their cribs, but I am working on introducing a “lovey.” he only gets it during naps.