Nap Time Fitness: Abs and Yoga

So….Thursday was rolling around, and I was STILL super sore from my Tuesday workout. Those deadlifts did a number on my hamstrings, as I knew (and hoped) they would. Since Im still getting back into shape, I figured I would take a different tack for my Thursday work out. Ha, who am I kidding, I know it’s good to work those muscles again, but my hammies were just so damn sore.

I one again consulted my Pinterest page. Speaking of Pinterest, is it possible to edit the name of your boards? I tend to Pinterest on my phone, and my boards are full of typos that happened at 3am.

I decided to work my abs with this work out from Pumps n’ Iron.

I thought it would be no problem to do at as written.

20 seconds of each exercise, back to back, with 30 seconds of rest between. Ha, freaking, Ha.

I started with 20 seconds, and quickly backed down to 10. I suppose I should recall that I not only was pregnant for 41 weeks, but also had a c-section, which is major abdominal surgery. I forget that it’s a pretty big deal, because my recovery was so easy, and I had no side affects.

My upper abdominals are pretttrong. I went in to pregnancy with strong abs, and worked them the best I could, but pregnancy is pregnancy, my lower abs are shot. Surprisingly, I’m not sore in my abs this morning, my lats are sore. I plan to do this workout again, as planks are the best post pregnancy workout.

After my very, very tough plank workout, I did this Yoga sequence. It felt so, so good to stretch, especially my hammies. Prior to pregnancy I was doing Yoga 2x per week, and I would love to add it back in.

I’m proud of myself for meeting one of my month four goals this week! Hopefully I can keep it up.


Baby Must Haves: 0-3 Months

I know posts like these are all over the internet, but I found them totally helpful when I was pregnant, and trying to register and navigate the thousands of possible baby items that we may or may not need. But, I am going to make this list only the things that I truly consider a MUST.  We had plenty of things that were nice, but we would have survived with out. Ok, we would easily survive with out most of these as well. So I suppose this is a list of things that are really really really really helpful, but not 100 percent necessary for babies survival. I suppose all you absolutely need is a way to feed the child, and clothe the child.

1. A Bouncer.

We have this one. It’s no longer sold, but a comparable one would be this one.

Picture from

Nothing too fancy, and light enough to pick up and carry it around the house. I put Anderson in this pretty early, but he had pretty good head control, I don’t remember now how young he was when we first used it. Maybe three weeks. I put him in it when I cook breakfast, when I need to go the bathroom, when I am doing laundry, in fact anytime that he is NOT sleeping, eating, or actively playing with me, he’s probably in this. He has even napped in it a few times. Now that he is older, I have removed the center toy from the bar (not sure if the new models allow you to take these off, but my center toy is velcroed on) and have attached links with a grabbable toy on the end for him to play with. Our seat was a hand-me-down, so I think this is totally the type of thing that can be purchased used, and you will be getting just as good of a product as if you purchased new, assuming nothing is broken or missing.

2. A baby carrier.

We have this one, by Ergo. I don’t think one has to have the most expensive carrier, but I do think a carrier that supports baby’s hips in the correct position is a life saver. We also have in the infant insert.

I also purchased a ring sling, this one, by Maya. The ring sling is awesome. Until Anderson was big enough to sit in the Ergo with his legs out, this was by far my favorite carrier.

It doesn’t really matter what type you have, as long as it’s safe for the baby, and comfortable for you. But I find having the ability to have my hands free, was imperative. Also, my child HATES his car seat, so wearing him in a carrier is the only way to go to the store by myself, or out to eat before he became strong enough to sit on our laps while we ate.

3. Flannel/Cotton Receiving Blankets.

I received a ton of these at my various showers, and dutifully washed them, folded them, and placed them in the “swaddle” section of Anderson’s dresser. Of course, they are too small to actually swaddle a baby in, especially mine. BUT, they are the only thing I use as a burp rag. I also recieved plenty of wonderful burp rags, but they are all pretty small. I don’t know if Anderson has reflux (I don’t think so, as he clearly grows like a weed, and is rarely fussy when he spits up) but he spits up frequently, and a pretty decent quantity. With these flannel receiving blankets, I can cover half of my shirt, which saves me from having to change myself, in addition to him, every time he spits up. I have one on my shoulder anytime I am holding him.

image via

4. Waterproof all-purpose pads.

I read about these on a blog, and promptly put a set on my registry. I use them over our changing pad. I only have one changing pad cover, and didn’t want to continually have to wash it.  These come in a pack of two, and I quickly realized that wasn’t enough, so I bought another package. Four total works for us, especially now that we are a bit more adept at changing diapers. They are also great for travel. When Anderson was 6 weeks old, and again when he was 10 weeks old I went home to Reno to visit my mom, and took one of these to act as his “changing pad.”

5. Google.

I don’t really need to link to Google do I? I have found the internet to be invaluable in this first couple of months, whether it’s googling breast feeding questions at three in the morning, or reading reviews on various baby products. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Google/the internet is the modern village.

6. A regular pillow.

I have a boppy, but it doesn’t work for breastfeeding very well. I don’t know if it just doesn’t work well with my shape, but it’s not easy for me to breastfeed with it.  I just use a regular old pillow, with an old pillow case.

7. A sturdy blanket.

We are blessed with talented friends and family members, so Anderson has two quilts that are beautiful, colorful, and quite sturdy. They aren’t going to be blankets to cuddle with, but they are perfect for tummy time on the floor. I keep one in the car for trips to the park, and one in the living room. We have a dog, so I’m not willing to put Anderson straight on the floor, while he still has the tendency to face plant towards the end of tummy time.

8. Something for bathtime.

I know, pretty vague right? We actually have FOUR different baby baths. Two were gifts, one was a hand-me-down, and one I purchased for use at Grandma’s house.

First we have the Babies R Us Stages & Ages Newborn to Toddler Tub. This is the tub we registered for. I thought the mesh sling would be great for infant bathing. Anderson HATED this. It kept him out of the water, which basically kept him cold. Also, I could not, for the life of me, get this tub to stop leaking. I should add, when using an infant tub we have to bath Anderson on our counter, as it didn’t fit on our sink, and our bathtub has one of those annoying sliding doors that only exposes half of tub at a time, and it didn’t make using the tub very easy when Anderson was an infant.

We recieved the The Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. I like this tub, but it doesn’t seem very comfortable for Anderson. We used this from weeks 4-12.

I also received the Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Baby Bather as a gift from a fellow mom. We just used this last week for the first time, and I love it! I’m able to use it in either our sink OR our bathtub, Anderson can easily sit in it, and I don’t feel like I need an extra pair of hands to make sure he doesn’t topple over or slip into the water. Also, it’s so nice to not have to rinse and drain out a tub.  The bonus about this? It folds up completely flat, for easy storage or travel.

The fourth thing we have is a simple foam insert for the bottom of the tub. I bought it for  three bucks at Wal-mart, to keep at my mom’s house. It involves a little more work while Anderson is little, but once he can sit on his own, I think it will be great.

So, moral of my long story? Go with the Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Baby Bather.  I should also note that Anderson has been bathed in an old (clean) dish pan at my Mother-In-Laws house. This also worked fine. I don’t think it matters what you use, you just need something when they are tiny, and oh so slippery.

I think this is the end of my list. Obviously, we use other “gear” but these are the things that I would for sure purchase again, if I had to do it over. And, again, these are the things that I consider almost-essential. I do feel as though I should address the baby swing. We have one, a hand-me-down. Anderson sits in it, and enjoys it for about 10-15 minutes, but he likes the bouncer much better, and I like the bouncer because it easily moves around the house. I know some people have babies that sleep in their swing, but alas, I do not. Anderson has fallen asleep in his swing exactly once.

As Anderson gets older, I think this list will change. I plan on writing another one of these for 3-6 months.

3 weeks with baby

After a bath, with Grammy

I can’t believe that my baby is 3 weeks old today! I know that as the weeks progress, 3 weeks will seem so little, but right now, it feels like time is flying, and he is already so different than the day we brought him home.

Since bringing him home, he does two main things: eat and sleep. As the weeks progress he has more and more alert time, and I am starting to see a pattern emerge in his sleeping/waking/eating habits, not much of a pattern mind you, but more than the first couple of days.

After my c-section, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. No judgements on what other mothers do, for their babies, but it was really important to me that my son was breastfeed, and not formula fed. Again, if it had come, does come down to it, formula is fine, great even. I will do whatever I have to do to make sure my baby survives. BUT, breast feed, so far, has been going really well. As well as breast feeding goes for a new mom, and a 21 day old baby. The first 9 days were pretty rough. My nipples hurt, and I really had no idea what to expect.  Luckily, my midwife’s office, has an AWESOME lactation consultant on staff, and I made an appointment with her when Anderson was 9 days old. I had been feeling a tiny bit frustrated, mostly due to Anderson’s cluster feeding, and my lack of knowledge about if what I was doing was “right,” as in correct. She had me feed him in front of her, and she said that we were doing pretty well. She gave me a few pointers, that have made things better, and having the reassurance that we weren’t totally off base, was a great self confidence booster.  Now, at 21 days, I’m pretty confident in knowing if we have a good latch, and if he is eating, but feel like I’m on a new part of the breast feeding learning curve. I am feeding on demand,  and I feel like I can’t tell when he is eating because he is hungry, and when he is nursing for comfort. The internet  will tell you that babies don’t use mom as pacifiers, that if they are showing signs of wanting to nurse, that they are doing it either because they are hungry, or they know they need to increase your milk supply. Of course the internet will also give you the opposing position, and say that babies do use moms for pacification, and that you shouldn’t let your baby do that. You can find strong opinions on just about every aspect of child rearing, usually conflicting with eachother.

I have decided that if he is rooting around, and can’t be consoled by any means, than he is probably hungry and I feed him. Unfortunately, I think I sometimes don’t read his cues correctly. Last night he nursed for almost an hour (this was from 2:30 to 4:00 am by the way), I changed his diaper and he was fussy. I tried soothing him in my arms, but was so tired and frustrated (he had been fussy at the breast) that I didn’t really have the patience to try to soothe him with out offering him the chance to nurse. I did that, and he was not interested. I went into the bedroom, and told my husband to watch him, that I had to pee.  When I got back, my husband told me, to get in bed and go to sleep that he would soothe the baby and take him in the living room. And what do you know, he was able to soothe him to sleep, and he slept for almost two hours, till he woke up and was ready to nurse again. My point, I guess, is that I need to try other methods of soothing, and not always jump to nursing, i’m sure my nipples will thank me.

As for sleep, he isn’t sleeping through the night, and I don’t expect him to. I think mothers somtimes have too high of expectations for new borns. The past four nights he has been consistently up to nurse every hour and a half (although if you count from the start of a nursing session, to the start of the next, like some people do, then it’s more like every 2 to 2.25 hours). He is starting to have more of a pattern during the day, with a morningish “nap” and an afternoon “nap” although what times these occur are not consistent. Everything that i have read, says not to expect a baby under 4 weeks to have any sort of circadian rhthym, day and night are the same to them.

My recovery is going well. Two weeks ago I started taking short walks around the block, and this week was up to walking almost a mile. I have walked with Anderson in a moby wrap, an Ergo carrier, and his stroller. I am not quite confident or comfortable with the carriers yet, I feel like I either tie the moby too tight, or too lose, and with the Ergo I feel like his little face is smooshed into my chest. But, with both of these, and the stroller, he easily falls asleep as soon as I get him in the carrier and comfortable. I also have a sling, but it’s too small. I am sending it back this week, for a larger size. I’m looking forward to the new size arriving, so I can wear Anderson when we are out and about. Putting him in the sling is so much easier than the moby or the Ergo, at this point.  Ok, I got side tracked from my recovery….I don’t have daily pain any more at this point, and haven’t since week 1. I do have some pain when I sleep on my side for too long, or lift something too heavy. I’m trying not to get too anxious to get back into an exercise routine, so I can feel a little bit better about my body.

I have lost, with out trying, 30 pounds of the 42ish that I gained. I figure that 30 was the baby and fluids etc, from pregnancy, and the remaining 12ish are what I gained from not eating as strictly during pregnancy as I did, pre-pregnancy. Of course, like all moms, even though I have lost lots of weight, things are shaped differently, and my prepregnancy clothes, even my “fat’ clothes don’t fit yet. All in good time.

So, life with baby is good. His sweet little face makes every sleepless hour, and stretch mark worth it.

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

My nephew Ben, born by emergency c-section, 4 weeks early

Today is my due date, according to my LMP. According to my charting, I think that Friday or Saturday should be my due date, but when we are only talking a matter of days, I suppose that is neither here nor there.

Yesterday was my 40 week appointment, and I have to admit, I was once again hopefull that my body had progressed. I’d has an increased amount of contracts in the last week, including low back pain. I thought for sure that I would be 2cm’s dilated. At my appointment, everything looked good, baby’s heart rate was good, and my belly measured 42 weeks. UGH. 42?!?! I swear, this baby better not weight 11 pounds.

And then it was time for my internal check. I don’t find these as painful as some people have described them to be, mostly just uncomfortable, still better than going to the dentist in my opinion. And the midwife announced…..1 centimeter. Still. Damn.

She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I wanted to wait on induction as long as she would let me. She said, that based on my belly measurement, she is sure that the baby is large. Duh. She suggested that if nothing happened (ie going into labor naturally) we induce this weekend. And I was crushed. Tears welled in my eyes, as I asked question, but I was able to keep them in, at least until she left the room.

The plan is to check in to the hospital on Saturday night at 5pm, insert cervadil, and then in the morning start pitocin.

Here is the thing, I’m sort of a situational hypochondriac. Have I written about that before? Even though we only made the plan for induction, in my mind, I was already in the Operating Room getting a C-section due to failure to progress. Even though we still had 4 days for me to go into labor naturally, all I could think about was, what was in my opionion, the worst case scenario.

After the midwife left the room, my husband hugged me and I burst into tears. Damn. I hate crying in public. I pulled it together, and went to the check out window and made an appointment for this Friday for a non stress test, and one final cervical check. I also made my 6 week post-partum appoint, which sort of tripped me out. 🙂

Ever since everyone around me started having babies, and I started reading pregnancy and birth blogs, I knew that my ultimate hope was for a natural, non-medicated birth. Yesterday, I felt like I had already failed, like my body had failed, and what I so firmly believe it was made to do. I let my self have a pity party, and call and cry to my mommy, and then I started talking some sense into my self.

A) there was (is!) still time for me to go into labor naturally.

B) even if I don’t go into active labor, my cervix could dilate and efface more, and by Sunday, an induction might be easier.

C) having an induction, doesn’t necessarily mean my hopes for a natural birth are off the table. It might be harder, and I might chose to have an epidural, but the option has not totally dissappeared.

D) having a c-section is not the end of the world. People survive them all the time, babies survive them all the time.

E) and at the end of the day, and most importantly, the only thing that matters is that the baby (and I) come through this alive and healthy.

There are only three “givens” in pregnancy: an egg was fertilized, you are pregnant for 37-42 weeks, and then there is a baby. Everything else is a guessing game, and while births usually follow a typical pattern, there is no way of knowing how YOURS will go.

So, today, I am working on letting go. What ever will be, will be. I am not trying too many crazy “natural” induction techniques, just bouncing/ hip swivels on an exercise ball. Not having the birth I dreamed of, does not make me a failure, nor negate how easy and healthy my pregnancy has been.

But What About the Poop?

So, my husband and I plan on cloth diapering. Ok, I knew that in the event that we ever had a baby, I would want to cloth diaper. When the time came, my husband was, much to my amazement, on board. I “know” lots of people on the internet who cloth diaper, but only a handful of people in real life. I’ve had my family give me all the usual reactions, smirks, telling me that it will be harder than I think, and of course, the question, what about the poop? Well, technically the directions on a package of disposable diapers tells you to dispose of any solids in the toilet. I think it might be illegal (I could have also made this up) to throw human waste in the regular trash. Maybe not illegal, but you aren’t supposed to.

Anyway, for THOUSANDS of years women cloth diapered, because it was the only choice. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that disposable diapers make life much easier, but two main things about cloth are important to me:

1) the cost savings over time–a family will typically spend 2000-3000 dollars per child for diapering years


2) how much better they are for the environment. We’ve all seen pictures of the great pacific trash island right? Disposable diapers do not bio-degrade.

I am due in a little over 5 weeks (oh dear lord) and as of now, we only have 9 diapers. 9 is not going to cut it. I would ideally like around 18 to 24 diapers.

The diapers we have now are:

– 3 little gpants in size small.

These are for babies 8-14 pounds. They have a snap in plastic liner that come with the outer shell, and then you buy the inserts seperately. I recieved one as a gift, and purchased two more, with 6 inserts. I am confident that our child will come out weighing between 8 and 14 pounds, so I’m hoping that these will be useable as soon as we get home from the hospital.

-3 bumgenius 4.0 one size

I have two of the black print, and one of the yellow. These were a gift from my cloth diapering best friend. These are pocket diapers, and in theory fit 8 pound babies through potty training. I’ve read lots of things that say they are better suited to 10 pound babies. My baby might come out weighing 10 pounds…we’ll see!

-2 Marvels Kissaluvs all-in-ones one size.

These were also a gift, from my registry on  Here is a tip, if you don’t have cloth diapering friends, don’t register for cloth diapers, people will not buy them for you. Or maybe ONLY register for cloth diapers. Ha. I have this exact diaper pictured, but what I didn’t know (because I didn’t do SUPER thorough research) is that this diaper does not have a water proof cover. D’oh. It’s an all-in-one diaper, so other than needing an outer shell, it’s just like a disposable diaper, no stuffing, no un-snapping an insert. And the part that goes against the baby? SO SOFT.

And I have one, one size diaper that my very crafty, cloth diapering best friend MADE for me.

I plan to order 12 more diapers, from Right now, my plan is to order the following from them:

6- bumgenius 4.0 in various colors

6- fuzzibunz one size diapers.

1 diaper pail liner

and 1 cover for my two kissaluvs.

I don’t really have a reason for getting 6 of the bums and 6 of the fuzzibunz, just that I think I might like them for different things. I’ve read several posts from different bloggers who use ONLY bumgenius or ONLY fuzzibunz, but part of me is afraid to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

Also, I would like to use cloth wipes. I can’t decide if I should just make them myself, or buy them from Etsy. I’m pretty sure they can be made by cutting and hemming flannel. Anyone know?

Pregnancy: What Workout?


Isn't this a classic picture?

Again, sorry I’ve been so absent around here. I guess my promise is posting will be sporadic at worst, and less sporadic at best. 🙂

I’ve settled into a routine here in Wyoming. A daily routine, but not so much a real workout routine. As you know, prior to moving I was still training with kettlebells 2x a week. Well, I haven’t been doing any kettlebells since moving here. I only own a 35 pounder, and while I know that would be ok to swing, and I’m comfortable with my technique, I’m not sure of the prudence of doing my swings/other things with out someone else around. Just to be safe. The dog can’t really call 911.

I have been regularly walking, at least 5 times per week, for at least 20 minutes, which seems to be the most I can do before I get some serious round ligament pain on the top of my belly. At this point, I’m not exercising to lose weight, but exercising to keep some modicum of fitness for delivery and beyond. I have also been doing Prenatal Yoga at least once per week, sometimes two.  Last week I subbed out prenatal yoga for prenatal pilates. I found a prenatal pilates video on youtube. The pilates was quite a bit harder than Yoga, which made me realize I have been skimping out on my favorite thing: strength training!

I finally got my butt in gear this morning, after a LOOOONG night of tossing and turning due to extreme hip pain. I know that some hip pain is inevitable in late pregnancy, but it made me think about the dis-service I am doing to myself by not getting in some regular strength training.

So, I created the following “circuit” for myself. It’s pretty easy, and again tailored for what I can do in my living room, with only my body weight.

Allison’s 32 Week Circuit

March in place:30 seconds

Diagonal arm/leg balance: 10 seconds each side, repeat each side 2x

March in place: 30 seconds

20 pregnancy burpees

Plank: 20 seconds

Downdog: 30 seconds

Malasana Squat: 30 seconds

Repeat 2-3x

Today I repeated 2.5 times. I did the whole thing twice, and then on the 3 time around I only did 1 diagonal arm/leg balance on each leg, 10 burpees, and for plank I did 40 seconds, but I put my kneees down.

It’s not going to win any fitness awards, but it helped me move my body in a way that I haven’t been diligent about doing. I picked exercises that I know are ok/good for pregnancy and birth. Birth….birth is on my mind these days.  A LOT.

Wyoming: She’ll leave you high and dry.

Rock Springs, the town I live in in Wyoming, is located at 6338 feet.  Higher than a mile, and the highest elevation I have ever resided at (other than summer camp in the Sierra’s). The elevation here, is deceiving though. It’s a high plains desert, and doesn’t feel like places you associate with high elevation, like the mountains.

I live in that green section that you see, with that “mountain” view out my bedroom window. This is only half the town, but it gives you an idea of the topography. Brown. Good thing I was born and raised in the high mountain desert, or this might be quite the shock for me.

Last week I was in Reno for my baby shower, thrown by my mother, and a family friend came up to me and told me to make sure I was drinking enough water. I thought she was just giving me advice, because I am pregnant and people are compelled to give you advice and ask you how your are feeling every second of every day. But then she started talking about elevation changes. She is a Labor and Delivery nurse, and said she sees with some amount of frequency, people who come to Reno/Tahoe for a final vacation before the baby comes and end up in early labor due to the elevation and lack of hydration. I wasn’t too worried about myself, having previously been living at an elevation of 2,516ft and Reno is located at 4,505, and I was only there for a few days, but it did get me thinking about the jump to almost 6400 feet.

Hydration is crucial all the time, not just in pregnancy, and I’m sure the hospital here in Rock Springs sees plenty of dehydration cases in visitors and newcomers. But, it’s even more crucial in pregnancy, and at 30 weeks, I really don’t want to go into labor just yet.

I was talking to my best friend about elevation and exercise on the phone, the day after I arrived here in Wyoming. She is currently in Afghanistan and training for a half marathon in Scotland. She said, after the 3000 feet in Afghanistan, that her race in Scotland should be pretty easy. I mentioned the elevation here, and how that combined with my increased blood volume, and extra weight strapped around my stomach, working out felt hard and that these days even a 20-30 minute walk was enough exercise for me.

Four days later this showed up on my doorstep…


A Camelbak hydration pack! Inside the pack was a note from my friend about staying hydrated etc. A perfect “welcome to wyoming” gift. I am sort of a gear-nerd, so I was excited to see the padded straps, sternum strap, and all the pockets in which I could carry my keys and phone etc. I have been holding a 24 ounce water bottle in my hand during my walks, and this is going to make it so much easier, have you ever tried holding a nalgene with thick winter gloves on? Not so easy.

I’m excited to get out for my walk with the dog this morning, in fact, that is what I am off too next. It is a balmy 18 degrees outside, but no wind! Gotta take advantage of the still air while I can.


Pregnancy: 30 week update

apologies for the bad cell phone/bathroom shot


Grrrrrrr.  This post had 300 hundred words in it, I hit publish, and it’s gone.  Dear wordpress, today you are annoying!

The gist was:

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Holy shit.

I have gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, right on track.

My feet and hands have no swelling and are the same size.

My bra size has increased from a 38ddd to a 40g. Awesome. finding nursing bras is going to be out of this world.

I have upped my exercise since arriving in Wyoming, by walking the dog each day. 30 minute walks are about my limit.

Doing kick counts sucks and makes me paranoid.

Again….I swear this post had more meat to it…..

with only 10 weeks left in pregnancy, the pregnancy posts on this blog are going to start becoming more regular and most of my content. I think.  I’ll probably talk about Wyoming too….this week we had 50 mph winds!

Pregnancy: heavy lifting

As I’ve talked about before, when I got pregnant I was doing the following as my exercise routine: walk dog 5-7 days a week, kettlebell training 2 days per week, yoga practice 2 days per week.

Post pregnancy the workout schedule has changed quite a bit, between my dog moving WITH my husband to Wyoming, and standard Yoga becoming uncomfortable and hard almost immediately.

Now, I exercise 3-4 times per week (less this past week though, as I’ve had a nasty cold that lingered FOREVER. But, I have always, always made kettlebell my priority. The class I take is taught bootcamp style, so it’s really a total body workout, cardio and strength all rolled into one.

I'm the one in the pink...obviously

People in my life, always seem surprised that I have continued with Kettlebell. I think it’s because every SINGLE piece of conventional literature says that women shouldn’t particpate in heavy lifting while pregnant. But, heavy lifting is all relative right? And don’t get me wrong, during my first trimester? My weights were lighter, and I never increased my weight or lifted the heavy heavy heavy stuff, even during my 2nd trimester.  So, I sometimes wonder, what does that conventional literature consider heavy? The heaviest weight I have used, while pregnant was a 24kg kettlebell to do deadlifts, which is only 52 pounds. When I think of heavy lifting, I think of 215 pound barbells.

But, I digress. My point is, I have continued with kettlebell and while I’ve made no great strides in the cut of my muscles (infact, my muscles all seem to be hiding under a new layer of fat, I am blaming this on the reintroduction to processed carbs during pregnancy), I still feel strong.  And that is important to me, because labor? Labor is the hardest workout of your life.

Pregnancy: Week 28 Update

So, this week, I am 28 weeks pregnant. Which is sort of unbelievable to me.

Today I had my last appointment with my OB here in Idaho, well that is, unless I fail my glucose intolerance test. Yipes!

I had to drink 50grams of glucose 30 mins before my appointment. 20 minutes before I drank the glucose I had a spinace salad with chicken, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and carrots.  I have no idea how this well affect my results, but I was directed to “eat as normal” so that is what I did. Directly after drinking the glucose I felt a little naseous, and I think if I had found myself leaning over the toilet, I could have willed myself to throw up. I kept it down though. We will see how it goes. The juice, was really really gross.

Other than the glucose, my appointment went well. My blood pressure was good, and my weight gain was right on track (3.5 pounds in the last 3 weeks).

I have not done traditional pregnancy updates, but I thought for this post, I would post a few statistics.

Number of Weeks Pregnant: 27 weeks and 6 days.

Number of pounds gained: Aproximately 26. If I continue to gain at a pound a week, I will have gained just under 40 pounds. Oh man. I will not worry, I will not obsess.

Number of total mental breakdowns that I think are related to pregnancy: just one.

Number of months I have lived apart from my husband: 4

Number of maternity pants I own: 8

Number of maternity pants that I like: 5

Number of workouts per week: 3 or 4

Ok, those are all of the numbers I can think of. It’s been a pretty good pregnancy so far, but starting tomorrow I am going to be in my third trimester! Ack! Is this when it is going to start getting hard?