Oh. Hey

Right. I just looked at my last post. I stated my goal was to post more. Whoops.

But, I’m back. And I’m back to track weightloss. I gained weight when we moved to MT. I’m almost as high as when I delivered Anderson (ok, like 15 pounds less…but that’s not that much)!
So, it’s time. I’ve joined the gym, I’ve planned a schedule. I’m going to use this space to track my progress.

Here we go.

Catch up

You know what annoys me? If I start a blog post on my phone, I can’t access the draft on my laptop.
I want to blog more in 2013, I promise! I need to start with a blog post in response to an “award” I was nominated for by one of my followers. A. Is asleep now…lets see if I can get him off my shoulder and into his bed so I can get to that post!

I turn around for one second…

Let’s talk about sleep baby

We are deep into sleep regression over here. And…I know it’s not even close to as bad as some people’s experiences with it.
I feel like this deserves a real, thought out post, and I can’t do that effectively from my phone, and we don’t get Internet at our new place for two more weeks. Maybe this regression will be over by then.

Breast Feeding in Public

A few years ago I was travelling from Salt Lake back to Boise for a work trip. While we were waiting to board, I noticed a woman babywearing. She was carrying her infant in an Ergo. I thought her carrier looked pretty cool, and beyond that didn’t really think anything of it. Once we boarded the plane, the woman ended up sitting across the aisle from me, in the aisle seat.

During take-off she breastfed her baby. No cover, no apologies, just fed her. I remember thinking “wow, that is brazen.” It didn’t really bother me, but I had never seen someone breastfeed their baby on a plane before. At the time of my trip my Sister-in-law was pregnant.  She ended up formula feeding, but I told her about the breastfeeding woman on the plane. She said she probably wouldn’t do that. Her husband told her he didn’t want her to feed in public at all.

I remember thinking, I would feed a baby in public, but probably not on an airplane. This is one of those “famous last words” type of things, declarations that I made before I was even pregnant about what I would or wouldn’t do as a mother.

As it stands now, I have been breastfeeding for 17 weeks and 2 days, and I am proud to have fed my baby in a variety of places. I was thinking yesterday about all of the different places I have fed him.

~ Restaurants

~ Church

~A wedding reception

~A truck stop

~Parking lots

~The side of the road

~Scenic Overlooks

~Dressing Rooms

~ a dinner party at my husband’s new coworkers house

~ The park (coverless!)

~ and yes, even an airplane, no cover, just an artfully arranged swaddle blanket over my breast.

After I started breastfeeding, it just sort of became a non-issue for me. If my baby was hungry, I was going to feed him. It’s the life I chose when I decided to feed on demand. I’m so glad that breastfeeding is working for us!

Nap Time Fitness: 15 minute total body workout

We will start with my favorite picture from this week…


Today’s nap time workout was tough! Another Pinterest find.
I’m posting on my phone so no link to the actual work out.
The work out was called 5-4-3-2-1.
5- minutes cardio
4- one minute lunges, one minute mountain climbers…for four minutes.
3- 15 push-ups, 10 tricep dips…for three minutes.
2- 30 seconds squats, 30 seconds jump squats…for two minutes
1- plank for one minute.

It was a great workout! I was sweaty, and I know I’m going to feel those tricep dips in the morning!

Letters to Dad: Moving

Dear Daddy,

We are moving to Montana! Scott got a job with the corporate office as the Purchasing and Inventory Manager! We will be in Great Falls for 4-5 years minimum. If Scott loves this job, and we love Great Falls, we could stay indefinitely.

This week we are going to look for housing, Mom is flying up to GF to babysit Anderson while we look for houses and do the whole new employee meet and great stuff. I wish that you could see mom with Anderson, but I realize, you probably already know what she is like with babies, as you had two with her.

I have to admit, it’s been harder lately to deal with you being gone. I think when Anderson was just little, he was so consuming that I didn’t really have time to process everything. Now that he is bigger, and easier (ha) it weighs on me more.

Speaking of the little man, I hear him up from his nap.

I love you Daddy.



Nap Time Fitness: Abs and Yoga

So….Thursday was rolling around, and I was STILL super sore from my Tuesday workout. Those deadlifts did a number on my hamstrings, as I knew (and hoped) they would. Since Im still getting back into shape, I figured I would take a different tack for my Thursday work out. Ha, who am I kidding, I know it’s good to work those muscles again, but my hammies were just so damn sore.

I one again consulted my Pinterest page. Speaking of Pinterest, is it possible to edit the name of your boards? I tend to Pinterest on my phone, and my boards are full of typos that happened at 3am.

I decided to work my abs with this work out from Pumps n’ Iron.

I thought it would be no problem to do at as written.

20 seconds of each exercise, back to back, with 30 seconds of rest between. Ha, freaking, Ha.

I started with 20 seconds, and quickly backed down to 10. I suppose I should recall that I not only was pregnant for 41 weeks, but also had a c-section, which is major abdominal surgery. I forget that it’s a pretty big deal, because my recovery was so easy, and I had no side affects.

My upper abdominals are pretttrong. I went in to pregnancy with strong abs, and worked them the best I could, but pregnancy is pregnancy, my lower abs are shot. Surprisingly, I’m not sore in my abs this morning, my lats are sore. I plan to do this workout again, as planks are the best post pregnancy workout.

After my very, very tough plank workout, I did this Yoga sequence. It felt so, so good to stretch, especially my hammies. Prior to pregnancy I was doing Yoga 2x per week, and I would love to add it back in.

I’m proud of myself for meeting one of my month four goals this week! Hopefully I can keep it up.


Nap time fitness

So, in lieu of my month four fitness/health goals, I decided that Tuesday and Thursday would be my “strength” days during Anderson’s first nap.

That will give me time to workout and do a few household chores before he is up and we head out on our daily walk.

Today’s workout was modeled after the one I did last week.
20 push ups
25 kb swings, 5 kb dead lifts
20 kb swings, 10 dead lifts
15 kb swings, 15 dead lifts
10 kb swings, 20 dead lifts
5 kb swings, 25 dead lifts
20 push ups

It kicked my ass. After, I was putting Anderson in his Stroller and my legs were quivering.

Please note: I am aware babies aren’t supposed to sleep with things in their cribs, but I am working on introducing a “lovey.” he only gets it during naps.