“You’ve traded Steve-o for Tivo.”

So, when Scott moved to Wyoming and we decided I would move in with my in-laws, we purchased me a lap top, so I could have a computer of my own at their house. Scott was taking our desk top with him, and while my in-laws have both a desk top and lap top, there is nothing more awkward than using someone elses computer.

With the new laptop, came the ability to stream Netflix, my new love, or rather, the love that keeps me company at night before bed. I sort of love watching TV  shows on Netflix, so much more gratifying than having to wait a week (or more!) for the next update.

So far, I have watched the most recent, but not current season of Grey’s Anatomy,  seasons 1-4 of Mad Men (how hot is Don Draper…seriously), and am currently on season two of Gossip Girl.

But, it is really healthy to spend time with my computer? I feel like Miranda in that Sex and the City Episode, where she is obsessed with her TIVO. I find myself looking forward to getting into bed at night, so I can watch an episode or two of whatever I’m currently hooked on.

I suppose looking forward to getting into bed with my computer is better than crying about being lonely. Although, a word to the wise? Don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy while pregnant. Ever.