Breast Feeding in Public

A few years ago I was travelling from Salt Lake back to Boise for a work trip. While we were waiting to board, I noticed a woman babywearing. She was carrying her infant in an Ergo. I thought her carrier looked pretty cool, and beyond that didn’t really think anything of it. Once we boarded the plane, the woman ended up sitting across the aisle from me, in the aisle seat.

During take-off she breastfed her baby. No cover, no apologies, just fed her. I remember thinking “wow, that is brazen.” It didn’t really bother me, but I had never seen someone breastfeed their baby on a plane before. At the time of my trip my Sister-in-law was pregnant.  She ended up formula feeding, but I told her about the breastfeeding woman on the plane. She said she probably wouldn’t do that. Her husband told her he didn’t want her to feed in public at all.

I remember thinking, I would feed a baby in public, but probably not on an airplane. This is one of those “famous last words” type of things, declarations that I made before I was even pregnant about what I would or wouldn’t do as a mother.

As it stands now, I have been breastfeeding for 17 weeks and 2 days, and I am proud to have fed my baby in a variety of places. I was thinking yesterday about all of the different places I have fed him.

~ Restaurants

~ Church

~A wedding reception

~A truck stop

~Parking lots

~The side of the road

~Scenic Overlooks

~Dressing Rooms

~ a dinner party at my husband’s new coworkers house

~ The park (coverless!)

~ and yes, even an airplane, no cover, just an artfully arranged swaddle blanket over my breast.

After I started breastfeeding, it just sort of became a non-issue for me. If my baby was hungry, I was going to feed him. It’s the life I chose when I decided to feed on demand. I’m so glad that breastfeeding is working for us!


6 weeks with baby


I have been a horrible blogger! I never see my blog as first priority. If Anderson is awake, I want to interact with him. If he is asleep I want to: shower, eat, pick up the house, or sleep myself!

Anderson had his first well baby visit this week…he weighs 12lbs 11 oz. what a chunk! But I am glad he is growing so well!

The biggest changes are that we def know the difference between night and day! Anderson goes down between 8 and 10 each night and is up for the day between 7 and 8. He sleeps in 1.5 to 3.5 hour chunks, wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep. We start each night in his crib, but at this point I always bring him back to bed with me. He is just so sweet to sleep with.
I think about sleep patterns a lot and I try not to stress out about it, and go with his natural cues. He has moved (on his own) to a eat, play, sleep pattern. It’s only a pattern. I feed him on demand and try to read his cues for when he is ready for bed.

During weeks 4 and 5 we visited family in Idaho and Nevada. Anderson was a trooper, and did pretty well on our road trips. We learned that babies need a lot if stuff to travel (example, we brought the bouncer because it is necessary to have a safe place to put the baby down, but man does it take up a lot of room!) and that Anderson dies best if we leave first thing in the morning. Leaving in the afternoon results in a cranky and sad last few hours.

Speaking of being cranky, Anderson def had/ is having a 6 week fussy phase. He has a ” witching hour” hours really in the evening. I don’t think it’s colic, because he can be consoled, but sometimes he will fuss or outright cry if you aren’t holding him and soothing him to his liking. But as I write this, I realize this is already happening less and less.

I am so excited to have Anderson grow and develop, but as trying as the newborn phase is…I already find myself nostalgic for when it is gone.