Nursery Update

In my last post, I shared some of my vision for our nursery. Well….it’s totally changed now. My husband has decided that he DOES want to do a theme, and he DOES want to paint. Which I am all for. But at 33 weeks pregnant, with only 4-9 weeks to go, we are cutting it a little close.

Here are some pictures of the nursery as it is now (the large pile of stuff in the middle of the room, has all been shoved there in preparation for the painting), please exucse the iPhone photos, my camera is dead, and the charger won’t be arriving from Idaho until next weekend!

This is the view looking in from the doorway. Nice big window, ugly yellow walls.

Ok, well I can’t seem to get the other nursery pictures to load…damn.

The new plan, is rocketship/space theme. This was based off of my love of these curtains by DwellStudio for Target.

Not my picture. But the exact same print.

I ordered curtains in this fabric. I am not getting bedding to match, as you can only purchase the set, and I’ve opted not to use bumpers and a comforter for the baby, so I would pretty much be paying for only the sheet. I had already purchased two sheets, a light blue and dark blue…and they were only 7 dollars at Ross. Score.

We ended up NOT getting the expedit bookcase from Ikea, but a 3 drawer Hemnes dresser instead. We will be using it as a changing table and dresser. We got the gray/brown.

For the paint we will be going with a light blue color from Sherwin Williams called Cloudless.

After we paint, and set up the curtains (hopefully this weekend) all we will need to do is put the crib together, and you know, EVERYTHING ELSE. Ok, not really….I’m being dramatic. I have already washed and sorted newborn and 3 month clothing, burp rags, wash cloths, towels, etc. The only thing I have to really do, is put the cover on the changing pad, secure the changing pad to the dresser, and order and wash cloth diapers. Everything else is just decorative details.

Speaking of decorative details, I think we are planning on ordering wall decals, probably from Etsy.

Progress pics, soon!