Baby To-Do List

So, this morning I was reading Kath’s post on what she needs to get done before her baby comes.

And, I’m not going to lie, I had a minor freak out. I am 35 weeks pregnant, and that means full term in just two measley weeks. While I have NO idea at this point if the baby will come early, on-time, or late, I realized….two weeks is NOT far away. NOT FAR AWAY AT ALL!

So I got out my baby to do list…which I haven’t looked at in a few weeks- and realized that I could put a strike through a few things!

We painted the baby’s room last weekend:

And, I think we have everything we need for baby, aside from the cloth diapers. My in-laws came last weekend and brought a bunch of stuff with them, hand-me-downs from my nephew, as well as a few remaining shower gifts.

I got to thinking about it today, and the ONLY things that are absolutely 100 percent imperative that we do before we can bring the baby home are: pack a bag for the hospital, for me and baby, and install the car seat.

Thinking that way, really took a load off!

The things that I WANT to do before the baby comes home are:

  • move the crib into the nusery (it’s currently in the kitchen–long story)
  • hang the curtains we ordered
  • secure the changing pad to the changing table
  • order, recieve, and prep cloth diapers
  • order and put up vinyl decals on the babies wall.
  • hang the bunting from my shower on the wall
  • make the baby a mobile
  • put together the bouncer
  • put together the bassinet (this literally takes one minute, but I am missing a part, needs to be sent from Idaho).
  • make cloth wipes
  • wash all of the blankets we have recieved as gifts
  • purchase a nursing tank
  • nursing bra
  • postpartum care for me (pads, witch hazel, stool softeners etc).

Even though those are all doable, and some of them are on the list for this weekend, it makes me feel better knowing none of them are do or die. I have already washed all of the receiving blankets, the cloth diapers I have, baby clothes  through three months, towels, wash cloths, changing pad cover, and my moby wrap. We also already have the crib and changing table put together, the toy/bookshelf set up in the nursery, and the swing cleaned and put together.

Whew. Ok. I feel better. I feel more prepared. At least in the details. Prepared to give birth? That is a whole other can of worms. Prepared to parent? Terrified.




But What About the Poop?

So, my husband and I plan on cloth diapering. Ok, I knew that in the event that we ever had a baby, I would want to cloth diaper. When the time came, my husband was, much to my amazement, on board. I “know” lots of people on the internet who cloth diaper, but only a handful of people in real life. I’ve had my family give me all the usual reactions, smirks, telling me that it will be harder than I think, and of course, the question, what about the poop? Well, technically the directions on a package of disposable diapers tells you to dispose of any solids in the toilet. I think it might be illegal (I could have also made this up) to throw human waste in the regular trash. Maybe not illegal, but you aren’t supposed to.

Anyway, for THOUSANDS of years women cloth diapered, because it was the only choice. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that disposable diapers make life much easier, but two main things about cloth are important to me:

1) the cost savings over time–a family will typically spend 2000-3000 dollars per child for diapering years


2) how much better they are for the environment. We’ve all seen pictures of the great pacific trash island right? Disposable diapers do not bio-degrade.

I am due in a little over 5 weeks (oh dear lord) and as of now, we only have 9 diapers. 9 is not going to cut it. I would ideally like around 18 to 24 diapers.

The diapers we have now are:

– 3 little gpants in size small.

These are for babies 8-14 pounds. They have a snap in plastic liner that come with the outer shell, and then you buy the inserts seperately. I recieved one as a gift, and purchased two more, with 6 inserts. I am confident that our child will come out weighing between 8 and 14 pounds, so I’m hoping that these will be useable as soon as we get home from the hospital.

-3 bumgenius 4.0 one size

I have two of the black print, and one of the yellow. These were a gift from my cloth diapering best friend. These are pocket diapers, and in theory fit 8 pound babies through potty training. I’ve read lots of things that say they are better suited to 10 pound babies. My baby might come out weighing 10 pounds…we’ll see!

-2 Marvels Kissaluvs all-in-ones one size.

These were also a gift, from my registry on  Here is a tip, if you don’t have cloth diapering friends, don’t register for cloth diapers, people will not buy them for you. Or maybe ONLY register for cloth diapers. Ha. I have this exact diaper pictured, but what I didn’t know (because I didn’t do SUPER thorough research) is that this diaper does not have a water proof cover. D’oh. It’s an all-in-one diaper, so other than needing an outer shell, it’s just like a disposable diaper, no stuffing, no un-snapping an insert. And the part that goes against the baby? SO SOFT.

And I have one, one size diaper that my very crafty, cloth diapering best friend MADE for me.

I plan to order 12 more diapers, from Right now, my plan is to order the following from them:

6- bumgenius 4.0 in various colors

6- fuzzibunz one size diapers.

1 diaper pail liner

and 1 cover for my two kissaluvs.

I don’t really have a reason for getting 6 of the bums and 6 of the fuzzibunz, just that I think I might like them for different things. I’ve read several posts from different bloggers who use ONLY bumgenius or ONLY fuzzibunz, but part of me is afraid to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

Also, I would like to use cloth wipes. I can’t decide if I should just make them myself, or buy them from Etsy. I’m pretty sure they can be made by cutting and hemming flannel. Anyone know?