Practicing Patience

I took this picture on my walk this morning. Isn’t instagram great? 38 w6d belly!
I had a midwife appointment today. No progress to report. Literally. My weight was the same as last week, my blood pressure was the same as last week and my cervix? Yep. Same as last week. 1 cm and 50% effaced.

I have to admit…I had sort of convinced my self that I was going to be progressed further. I was disappointed when she said there had been no change. BUT it is ok. I am not overdue, and until last week I had been mentally preparing myself to go past my due date, since so many first time moms do. We talked about options, and I said I wanted to hold off on induction until medically necessary, even if that means I get super impatient, because it’s better for the baby.
The midwife also told me “you definitely do NOT have a small baby in there.” Which, I knew. My belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead, I was over 8 pounds at birth and my husband was, are you sitting down, OVER ELEVEN POUNDS.
My poor vagina.
So…my plan is to practice patience, and go for daily walks as well as practice swiveling my hips. Apparently it helps move the baby down. The goal: healthy baby. The hope? No induction!

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