Pregnancy: packing for the hospital

I started packing my hospital bag today. My plan is to take a bag for me, a bag for baby, and I haven’t made a plan for my husband!

This is what I am planning on taking to the hospital in my bag:
Sleep/nursing bra
Cheap nightgown that I can breast feed in.
Yoga capris
Nursing tank
Maternity jeans
Maternity tank and cardi
2 pairs of large cotton underwear–incase I want to ditch the hospital provided ones.
Crocs–I use these as slippers
Toiletries– travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, blush, brush, headband, hair tie….etc
Phone charger
Camcorder and charger
Snacks for my husband
Two cloth diapers(flats)- for anything that might come up.

In diaper bag( that is my diaper bag in the picture. It is a Dakine laptop bag that I already owned):
4 sleepers. Two newborn size, two 3 month size. A light weight and fleece one in each size–depending on weather.
3 burp rags
1 receiving blanket
Nipple cream
Nipple pads

And a you can see in the picture I will be bringing my boppy as well.
Some of the things in the diaper bag I don’t expect to use in the hospital, but thought I would put in there for the future.

What major thing am I missing?????

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy: packing for the hospital

  1. If you haven’t left already 😉 I suggest throwing in a neck pillow like you would use on an airplane, swim trunks and shower shoes for your hunband just in case you want him in the shower with you (we didn’t use ours), and extra bag (something lightweight like a duffle) to take home diapers, pads, ice packs, sitz bath, etc from the hospital. You’ll only need one outfit for the baby to come home, but I do suggest bringing a NB size just in case. Our peanut didn’t fit into his coming home outfit until he was 2m old!

    I’d also bring snacks for yourself and drinks like gatorade and a pair of maternity yoga pants instead of jeans to come home in just in case you end up with a c-sec you won’t want the band of the mat jeans touching the incision, I’m told.

    Good luck!!!!!

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