Pregnancy: Final Two Week Must-Haves

Well, I am 38 week and 3 days pregnant, and I suppose I could “go” at anytime! I think that is the worst part of the end of pregnancy, the constant apprehension and wondering of every twinge means it’s time.

I have discovered a few things that I cannot do with out lately.

First: a pedicure. My toe nails are growing at an alarming rate, and I cannot reach them. I really do want janky feet in the delivery room, so for the first time in my life, I have been getting regular pedis. I sure once I am pushing I will not give two craps about my toes.

Second: a place to put my feet up. I am finally having some swelling in my feet and lower legs and having them elevated feels best.

Third: the black jersey skirt you see in the picture. It is Old Navy maternity and has one of those fold over waist bands. It is great for my sporadically warm climate, infinitely comfortable, an should work post-partum as well.

Fourth: green smoothies. I am feeling very apathetic about salads lately. I can’t tell if it is true food aversion, or laziness, but I can’t stand the idea of making my own salad (prepared by others…no problem). This smoothies contains: 2 cups spinach, 1 orange, 1 green apple, one banana, and a dash of ground ginger. I have also added carrots with success. Throw in a splash of water if you like more thin consistency.

I am also happy to report that every task on my pregnancy to-do list is now complete! Just hoping the cloth diapers arrive before the baby so I can get them all sorted!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Final Two Week Must-Haves

  1. I tried on a skirt just like that at ON this week in blue + white. I loved it but it was SEE-THROUGH! Why do stores make anything see through!?

    • Yeah. I noticed that today…the material is über thin. I had to order mine online…I think unless the light hits me right, it won’t be too see through. Benefit to black material!

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