What is Wyoming?-State Nickname

You really can learn something new!

Yesterday, I was getting a quarter out of my wallet for a rare trip to the vending machine, I had a sudden craving for skittles. I try to avoid giving into my crazy, random sugar cravings, but yesterday it couldn’t be helped. One of the quarters I pulled out, was a Wyoming quarter. I noticed the words “The Equality State” on the quarter. As I walked to the vending machine, for my sugar hit, I realized I had NO idea  why Wyoming was called by that particular moniker, and really not much about Wyoming at all.

When I got back to my desk, I did what any thinking person would do, I googled. I was amazed at what I learned.

Wyoming was the FIRST state to allow women to; vote, sit on juries, and hold public office. I had NO idea. I tried to remember if I had ever learned this in school, and maybe I had, but I couldn’t come up with anything, from the recesses of my brain. If this were a jeopardy question, ” state that first allowed women to vote.” I would have come up with something like “What is Maryland?”

I have to admit, I’m quite impressed Wyoming. I mis-judged you. I truly had no idea, and I’m totally going to look more into this, and into Wyoming history.

2 thoughts on “What is Wyoming?-State Nickname

  1. Don’t be so impressed, they only let women vote, sit on juries, ect… because there weren’t too many men in the region at the time, so it made sense to let women vote. Wyoming is still a very, very, conservative state, mainly Republican, need I say more.

    • I figured this was the reason, I am still impressed though. I feel like plenty of men could have still considered women less than, at this time, and note voted to allow it. As for the conservativism….I know. Blah. I am exaggerating, but I expect that come presidential election time, my vote for the President will be part of the .0000000000000000001% who didn’t vote for whichever clown the Republicans manage to nominate.

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