One thought on “Making it in Montana

  1. Hey hey, I couldn’t find an email to just reply directly to you, but first – thanks for the congrats, we’re super excited!! And second, the c-section. So, yes I did have an emergency c due to a placenta abruption and distressed fetal heart-rate. Hopefully I will never need to go through THAT again! At my 6 week postpartum my OB said that with a c, they suggest not having a second c within a year. So, basically don’t get pregnant and have a baby before February 15, 2013. Because we used fertility, our RE suggested the same thing and said he wouldn’t work with us until C was between 4-6 months. Of course, if we got pregnant on our own great, but they both suggested we wait until we were past the due date of 2/15/13. Our IUI was July 19, 4 days past C’s 5 month birthday. Again, we didn’t think it would work on the first try! We just wanted to get back to trying so if it took a year, they’d still be close in age! At my first OB appt. my OB didn’t seem to too concerned. She did mention that if I was considering a VBAC, that the tearing of the c scar could be an issue, but its like a 1% chance. However that 1% risk, is a BIG risk if it happened. She also mentioned VBAC wasn’t great for big babies or babies with big heads. We weren’t really considering VBAC, I’m fine with another c and having it scheduled with out of town grandparents will just make it easier for everyone in the long run 😉 And come on, we all know people who have Irish Twins with c-sections and everything is just fine – look at Tori Spelling for a famous reference! My two cents, its been long enough. If yall wanted a 2nd now, I would go for it and not wait until little man is a year old to start trying 🙂 If you want more info or anything, feel free to email me at stwboswell at yahoo dot com!

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