Making it in Montana

We have made it to Montana! We are in the throes of unpacking, which lets be honest, sucks. I’m hoping to get back to regular posting in a week.

The sunset that greeted us the first night in our new house.


One thought on “Making it in Montana

  1. Hey hey, I couldn’t find an email to just reply directly to you, but first – thanks for the congrats, we’re super excited!! And second, the c-section. So, yes I did have an emergency c due to a placenta abruption and distressed fetal heart-rate. Hopefully I will never need to go through THAT again! At my 6 week postpartum my OB said that with a c, they suggest not having a second c within a year. So, basically don’t get pregnant and have a baby before February 15, 2013. Because we used fertility, our RE suggested the same thing and said he wouldn’t work with us until C was between 4-6 months. Of course, if we got pregnant on our own great, but they both suggested we wait until we were past the due date of 2/15/13. Our IUI was July 19, 4 days past C’s 5 month birthday. Again, we didn’t think it would work on the first try! We just wanted to get back to trying so if it took a year, they’d still be close in age! At my first OB appt. my OB didn’t seem to too concerned. She did mention that if I was considering a VBAC, that the tearing of the c scar could be an issue, but its like a 1% chance. However that 1% risk, is a BIG risk if it happened. She also mentioned VBAC wasn’t great for big babies or babies with big heads. We weren’t really considering VBAC, I’m fine with another c and having it scheduled with out of town grandparents will just make it easier for everyone in the long run 😉 And come on, we all know people who have Irish Twins with c-sections and everything is just fine – look at Tori Spelling for a famous reference! My two cents, its been long enough. If yall wanted a 2nd now, I would go for it and not wait until little man is a year old to start trying 🙂 If you want more info or anything, feel free to email me at stwboswell at yahoo dot com!

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