Letters to Dad: Moving

Dear Daddy,

We are moving to Montana! Scott got a job with the corporate office as the Purchasing and Inventory Manager! We will be in Great Falls for 4-5 years minimum. If Scott loves this job, and we love Great Falls, we could stay indefinitely.

This week we are going to look for housing, Mom is flying up to GF to babysit Anderson while we look for houses and do the whole new employee meet and great stuff. I wish that you could see mom with Anderson, but I realize, you probably already know what she is like with babies, as you had two with her.

I have to admit, it’s been harder lately to deal with you being gone. I think when Anderson was just little, he was so consuming that I didn’t really have time to process everything. Now that he is bigger, and easier (ha) it weighs on me more.

Speaking of the little man, I hear him up from his nap.

I love you Daddy.



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