Two month adventures

Two months is shaping up to be quite the adventurous age for Mr. Anderson!

He had his two month well baby checkup. He clocked in at 14lbs 11oz, and 23.5 inches long. Which is 90th plus for weight, and around 50th for height. He is meeting his milestones well; holding his head and chest up during tummy time, cooing, and starting to bat at toys.

Other big events this month include his first night with a babysitter and coming up this week…a plane ride!

I am going to visit my mom for two weeks, so my husband and I decided a date night was in order. We left Anderson with a family friend, and went bowling and out to dinner! We had a blast and the baby did great. He even tolerated his stroller for 20 mins for the sitter. He took his bottle of breast milk, and even went to sleep with his pacifier! He won’t take a paci from me. Here he is in his stroller.

Which leads me to…the plane ride. We have one hour long flight. I plan on checking everything except the diaper bag, and our new ring sling. I am hoping this makes security “easy.” I plan on nursing him during take off and landing, and hopefully he won’t cry the whole way! Fingers crossed!

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