Birth story

This is the Birth Story of our son Anderson. It is disjointed, and reads more like a journal entry. I was going to go back and edit it, to make it more of a story, but decided I’m not going to.


3pm Friday… Midwife appointment.
Belly continues to grow! Agh!! Still at once cm but my cervix is lower and softer. Midwife inserts a foley catheter and tells me it should help with dilation. I am all for this. Not too comfy. Can’t lift my leg to get dressed. Husband has to help me put on my underwear and jeans. Let the humbleness of birth begin. Get put on monitors. Pretty cool to see my contractions. At the very end had super intense contractions. Get a really bad contraction/ cramp as we leave. Am extremely uncomfortable an start getting hot an sweaty. Not comfy and I need to use bathroom. Get home and have loose bowels and vomit. Bad bad contraction. Beg husband to call midwife to see if this is normal. It is. Get on my exercise ball. Start feeling better. Having contractions that are similar to the last two days. Need to use the bathroom again and woop! The catheter falls out! I tell my husband, look at it and my mucous plug is on it! Call the midwife because I am a crazy first time mom. She assures me it is fine. Call her if I go into active labor, and If not she will see me tomorrow!

I do not go into labor on Friday, nor during the day on Saturday. I continue to have intermittant cramps, but nothing serious.

We arrive at the hopsital, and I have a mini-break down in the parking lot. It just felt monumental. When we left the hospital, we would be parents!

We checked into labor and delivery at 5pm, got situated in a labor and delivery room, and were also told that we had already been assigned a recovery room, so we could leave our stuff in there, and use it as needed.

My midwife came to check me, and I was 3 centimeters! I was super stoked about this. She inserted the cervadil, and I was told I had to stay in bed for two hours, and then I could get up and move around and eat some food. The rest of the night prooved uneventful, the cervadil did not throw me into active labor.

I was up at 5am, to take a shower before the induction started. By this time I was no longer nervous, just ready to get the show on the road.

The nurses hooked me up the IV, and the party started. I also tested positive for Group B Strep, so I had to have IV antibiotics. I was NOT happy about being tied to an IV stand, but such is the nature of induction.

I was on an intermittant monitor, so I was able to get up pretty easily, just had to take my IV pole with me.

Things started to progress, and my contractions were getting stronger and stronger.  I was getting really hungry, and the nurse brought me my “clear liquid diet tray.” On this tray was: jello, soda, juice, tea, and beef broth. oh, and a popsicle. I have never been so excited for a breakfast of beef broth and a red popsicle. The nurse would come in every once in a while, and check on me, but for the most part we were left to our own devices while I labored. I was working through my contractions, breathing and thinking “relax and open, relax and open.”

My midwife arrived about 9am to check me. I was still at a three, after 3 hours of labor with pitocin. She asked me if I was ok with her breaking my water, with the hope that the baby would descend a little bit, and put some pressure on the cervix to help with dilation. I said it was fine.

HOLY COW. I GUSHED water, and proceeded to gush water for the next hour. I had SO much amniotic fluid, my belly shrank a TON after my water broke. I was almost worried that the baby was too small there was such a difference in belly size. The midwife agreed, that with the amount of amniotic fluid I had, the baby probably wasn’t as big as we assumed, but that he would still be a sizeable baby.

The nurse started upping my pitocin, and around 1pm, the contractions were 1 minute apart, and coming every minute. Minute of contraction, minute of rest, etc. And they were painful. I see now why people get an epidural at the start of their induction. Those contractions, when your body doesn’t get the chance to warm up? They are no joke.  I told my husband I wanted an epidural. He asked me if I was sure. I told him, that I didn’t know. He told me he would ask me again in five minutes, to see if I still felt the same way.

5 minutes later….I still felt the same way. I could not relax through the contractions. The nurse checked me and I was a 4. She called the anesthesiologist to come in (this was sunday, so he had to come in from home). He got there about half an hour later, and I was MORE than ready.

I feel like I was in a significant amount of pain with each contraction, but I could still feel the epidural. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t super easy, or with out pain like some women experience. In fact, I think  I said “women who say they didn’t feel their epidural are lying.”

The anesthesiologist was great. He was nice, and took the time to explain what he was doing, and had me tell him when I was having a contraction to he could stop and wait it out.

I never wanted an epidural, but as epidurals go it was a good experience.

I felt immediate relief…I labored with the epidural for the next 5 hours. The plan was to check me again at 5 o’clock and see how I had progressed. The nurse checked me, and I was only a 5. I have to admit, I was surprised that I didn’t burst into tears. She called my midwife, and the midwife came over and confirmed that I was a five, and only when I was having a contraction.

She told me, that she thought a c-section was going to be necessary. I knew she was going to stay that, and she had told me that was going to be ‘on the table’ (ha) the previous week. I asked her what she thought about me laboring for another hour to see if I made an progression. She told me that she would be ok with that, but that she didn’t believe the baby would move down enough or that I would progress all that much in that hour. She told me that in her experience, since we had already tried, a foley catheter, cervadil, and pitocin, and I had only dilated 2 centimeters in 2 days. Because we had broken my water, I only had 12 more hours, to try to have the baby naturally.

I asked her if she and the nurse would give my husband and I minute to talk it over. We talked, and he said he supported me no matter what. If I needed him to fight for no c-section he would. I told him, that the logical part of my brain, realized that I had only dilated 2 centimeters in the past 12 hours, with a full bag of pitocin. The baby was healthy, I was healthy, and that this was the ideal situation for a c-section. It wasn’t an emergency.

So, we consented to the c-section. I wasn’t upset, but I was scared. My epidural had started to wear off, and I could feel contractions on my left side. I was nervous about the surgery. The surgical team was called in, and I let my nurse know that I could feel things on my left side. I was so worried that I would be able to feel them cut me.

As I was prepped for surgery, my husband was given scrubs to wear, and I texted my mom that I was having a c-section. My parents weren’t able to make it, due to a medical emergency that my dad had. (A whole other post, and actually something that is going to affect a major portion of my blog). It all happened pretty quickly, we decided on the c-section at 5:15 and by 6:15 I was being wheeled into the OR. This was the worst part, being in the OR with out my husband. But everyone was really nice and calm and told me exactly what was going on. The same anesthesiologist was there, and he was right by my head telling me what was going on. Before I knew it, the drape was up, and my husband was by my side. I was given oxygen, and I tried not to freak out about feeling claustraphobic. I felt nothing, and before I knew it people were saying ” he’s here!” and I heard him crying. I could hear poeple saying he was beautiful. I told my husband to go to him. They checked him out, and cleaned him up and brought him over to me. He was beautiful. My husband and I both cried. He was taken off to the nursery, while they finished putting me together.  I again, felt nothing. I started to feel a little groggy. Before I knew it they were wheeling me into recovery. Within minutes my husband was there with my son. And it was perfect, and I didn’t care that I’d had a c-section. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I knew that it didn’t matter how he had arrived.

I think I will end the story here, and talk about what happend after in a post about recovery.

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