Nursery: The Final Pics

Ok. The nursery is as done as it is going to get before the baby arrives. The only thing missing is the comfy rocker my parents will be bringing with them when the baby is born.

I will preface these pictures with the statement that this is not a picture perfect nursery, created by a designer. It’s a real person nursery captured by my iPhone. My laptop is in the shop, so real pictures aren’t an option.

Against this wall, we have the dresser/ changing table. The dresser is an IKEA Hemnes dresser. The changing pad is a Serta and the cover is from Babies r Us. The rocket decal is from Amazon. Adjacent to the dresser is a regular trash can for diapers. The wet bag for the diapers should be here on tuesday.

This is the best shot I could get of this wall. The crib sheet is from Ross and my mom made the crib skirt. Eventually I will move the stroller out of that corner. Again, the decal of the solar system is from Amazon. I am not totally sold on the placement…luckily this is the type of decal you can move.
Here is a close up.

The bassinet is a hand-me-down that I am planning on keeping adjacent to our bed at the start.

Closet. I like the doors off look, but as this is a rental, and re-hanging doors is a huge pain, we opted to keep it on.
This was made for me by my best friends mom for my shower.

And this hangs on the other side of the closet. It’s a free printable I found via pinterest.

Here is the best picture of the window wall that I could get with my iPhone. We had the bookshelf already, and for now it is the only toy/book storage we have. The curtains are from Target, and I made the rocket mobile. I plan on doing a separate post on that, but my plan is to move it about 6 inches away from the window. The baby wont have sophisticated enough eyesight to see it over the crib at first. We may move it over the crib later…but it will have to be high enough that he can’t pull on it.

Overall I am really happy with how it turned out. It is full of bright colors that babies can see and enjoy.
Now all we need is the baby!

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