Pregnancy: 36 Week Update

That is a whole lot of belly! I am technically only 35w6d pregnant, but I had a doc appointment today and really what difference does one day make?

So… since my last update two weeks ago I feel like I have become “heavily” pregnant. I swear everywhere I go people are staring at my belly. This could also be in my head.
So…for the numbers…
Weight gain: none in the last two weeks! Actually down one pound. But as I have gained PLENTY…no one seems worried about it.

Belly Size: measuring 37 weeks

Contractions: yes! At least I think so! I had my first internal check today and have no dilating and no effacment.

Workouts: have been a little light. Mostly just walks and yoga. I definitely feel large and awkward now.

The to do list:
Lots done!
Crib is in the nursery.
Changing pad is all ready.
Blankets are washed.
Curtains are hung.
Bouncer is put together.

Only 4 weeks(ish) to go!

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