Ack! I have been totally remiss in posting for almost two weeks!

Things have been busy/not busy at all over here.

Since I last updated the following has occured:

a) my friend and I attended a Brad Paisley concert. Verdict? AMAZING live! Really wish I could have had a beer at the concert though ūüôā

b)my husband came to visit! Yay! His last visit before I arrive in Wyoming in exactly two weeks from today! Yes I am counting down the days…wouldn’t you be?

c) My fabulous, amazing, wonderful friends threw me a baby shower here in Idaho.

It was at a local restaurant, during their brunch buffet. Amazing food, amazing decorations, amazing friends!

d) we hired the person who will be taking my job over, and I started training him last wednesday.

e) I house sat for a friend, while she was at a beer festival.

and through all of that, I could have blogged, but there were days when I really couldnt figure out anything meaningful to write about. Just the way it goes sometimes.

I am now 27 (almost 28 weeks) pregnant.¬†Tomorrow is my 28 week appointment (even though I won’t be 28 weeks until¬†Wednesday), which means…GLUCOSE TEST. I am NOT stoked about¬†the glucose test, for two main reasons. A)¬†I¬†am SURE I will have diabetes (I am sort of a situational hypochondriac, I don’t walk around thinking that¬†I have every disease in the world and let¬†it¬†sideline me, but I do think the WORST in a situation, for example, every¬†time I get a pap smear I am convinced it will come back with a¬†¬†bad result) B) I am not excited about how my body will react to that much sugar in that short of a time span. I am still consuming sugar, I haven’t cut it out completely, but I don’t normally drink 50grams of glucose in 5 minutes. Blech.

So, we’ll see. It will also be another chance to see how my weight is faring. I’m hoping to have gained between 3-5 pounds in the last three weeks since my previous appointment.

Pregnancy week 28 update to come tomorrow!

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