Pregnancy: Weight gain…25 weeks.

Ok, I would love to not write this post. But I said in my previous post that I would come back and update on my weight gain.

I’m just going to say it. I gained 10 pounds between appointments. 10 pounds in 28 days. I was shocked, and surprised, and embarrassed.

During my  appointment with the doctor, I could tell she wasn’t going to say anything, but I knew 10 pounds in one month was a lot, and a considerable jump for me. So I brought it up, and she said “yes, 10 is on the high side for one month, but your blood pressure looks good, and there is no protein in your urine, so I think its ok for now.”  I of course, burst into tears. Not with relief.

I was upset, and again, embarrassed, and quite frankly, felt guilty. I was more healthy when I wasn’t pregnant. I had impeccable eating, and since getting pregnant, and moving in my in-laws it’s all back slide. I recognize that I am pregnant, and I should cut myself some slack, and really 22 pounds total in 25 weeks of pregnancy isn’t that bad, but it puts me on track to gain almost 50 pounds if I gain at the estimated rate of 1lb per week.  (Side note, I think that lots of conventional “wisdom’ is bunk, so I’m not sure why I think I will/have to gain 1 lb per week from here on out). 50 pounds feels unacceptable to me. And that is what this is really about. The behaviors that I am partaking in that I truly dislike, for me. Again, this is all about me, I am not trying to tell anyone else how they should or shouldn’t conduct themselves during pregnancy.

I believe that healthy eating involves lots of good fats, protein, tons of veggies, fruit and very little starchy carbs. Let me just say, I have not been shy about the starchy carbs.

I want to be healthy for my baby. I don’t care if I gain 50 pounds, I care if I gain 50 pounds because I couldnt stop eating donuts.

There have been several times in my life, when I’ve had a wakeup call about my health, and it was all I needed to turn my habits arounds. Today is one of those days for me.  It’s time to clean up the ol’ pregnancy diet. Time for fewer refined carbs, and more veggies. And more healthy fats. And, much, much less sugar. Damn sugar demon, you sucked me in.

So, new leaf starts tonight. Eating the way I know makes me feel good starts tonight. And if I gain nother 10 pounds in another 28 days, at least I’ll know it was while I was putting the healthiest food in my body, 99% of the time.

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